Museum Quality Oriental Rug Reweaving And Repair In Fairfield County, CT

Oriental Rugs Have the Potential to Last 100’s of Years

Unavoidably, at some point in time, your rugs will need some special attention during its time in your possession.

Hand knotted Orientals have a structural grid under there beautiful pile called it’s foundation, this foundational structure is the rugs strength, when compromised, it’s imperative to have proper repairs to keep the rug alive for many more years.

The most common repairs are edges and ends since this is where the rug is weakest. The rug will begin to open.


Some Rugs Don’t Warrant Re-Weaving

The valuation of the rug is always considered before performing repairs.

Some repairs could possibly cost more than the rug is worth if damage is extensive, at which point we can offer other less costly methods to suture, sew or mend the rug back to an acceptable level of strength and appearance.







Here is a Turkish Silk that a dog took a liking to… Two weeks later…

He ate the edge off again! This is the second Reweave.