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Efficient, Clean Process Unmatched By Other Methods. We Strip Old Finishes & Dirt Away Then Thoroughly Hot WaterRinse Before Applying New Finish.
No Slopping Finish On Your Baseboards!


Vct Tile Floor in Danbury Before Stripping, Cleaning and Waxing


After Ziegler Restoration Process The Results Are… Dazzling

You can get all kinds of prices for this type of work…
It really depends on what you’re looking for.


Restored… then maintained every two to three weeks.
This requires the use of a softer finish and comes with an extensive maintenance schedule and cost. Burnishing and buffing the finish weekly or bi-weekly depending on the traffic the floor gets. We do not do this type of maintenance.

Option #2

Restored… then call us when you need it again or spruce it up every few months.
This is the type of restoration we offer. It is the most requested form of service for these types of floors. It’s also very cost effective and budget conscious. We use a harder finish coating that does not require burnishing or buffing… although it can be done if needed. Normally we would return in a few months scrub, clean and recoat which avoids the higher stripping cost. Other clients just have us come back in a year or two to have it stripped, cleaned and waxed again.

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VCT or “vinyl composition tile” –  A flooring material used primarily in commercial applications. You see this type of flooring everywhere, you walked on it as a kid in school. Remember coming back to school after Christmas vacation to see the nice clean and shiny floors, most likely that floor was VCT.

Beware the 9 inch by 9 inch tile, tiles of this size are most likely asbestos tiles and should not be removed willy-nilly. There is no cause for alarm if the floor is intact and is maintained with fresh wax. The asbestos tiles were widely used in hospitals, schools, buildings and even basements in houses. They were discontinued for obvious reasons in the 80’s. Ziegler strips, cleans and waxes this type of floor as well, and again there is no cause for alarm… unless your taking the floor up.

Linoleum or “lino” –  Made from polyvinyl chloride these days. It used to be made of linseed oil, wood, saw dust and burlap. Today’s lino, because it is made of organic materials and is purportedly non-allergenic is still used in many places like health care facilities, hospitals, homes and commercial building. It comes in squares or in sheet form. Linoleum tiles can be made into various designs and colors to form patterns to conform to the shape and use of any room.

Yes – New VCT Flooring Needs to be Cleaned, Sealed & Waxed!
Yes… believe it or not a new installation of VCT needs a good cleaning, sealing and waxing. It is especially true if a color other than white or light grey has been chosen. If you have chosen a colored VCT tile you will notice right away that it is not the color you picked.
The color difference between the sample tile and the installed tile is because the sample tile has been waxed… which in turn deepens the color. The manufacturer of the tile knows that for their tile to perform, it needs to be sealed and finished, so they show you what the tile will look like when it is waxed or finished.

Lots of white or light grey tiles go without finish because it is harder to detect the color difference.

Don’t Just Throw Down a Coat of Finish on a New VCT Floor!
There is a tiny layer of marble dust on each tile that needs to be cleaned or scrubbed off before applying any sealers or finishes.

VCT tiles come in boxes, the tiles may be in that box for some time experiencing different heat and humidity conditions. To keep the tiles from sticking together they apply marble dust to each tile before packaging.

If you apply finish to an uncleaned new tile… yes it will look nice… but not for long, the finish will fail in no time at all.

Below is a VCT floor that the owner smartly had cleaned, sealed and finished before the equipment was set into place in their new space.
There isn’t a huge difference in the color… it is white, but the shine is clear and the floor is protected.


New VCT Dull and Unprotected


New and Unfinished


New VCT Cleaned, Sealed & Finished


New and Protected

Mops, Buckets, Little Wet Vacs Dumped In your Toilet, Sink Or The Shrubs By the Garage! Come On!

Ziegler Has A Better, More Responsible & Efficient Way Of Cleaning Floors.

We Bring Our Own Water And Take All The Waste Water Away… Nothing Goes In the Sink Or By The Shrubs.

Seeing… Is Believing


InterFaith Early Learning Center Before Notice the oval shape on the floor, that is double face duck tape from a rug that had to be scrapped off before stipping & cleaning


After Ziegler Restoration..from Dirty to Dazzling… Look at That Shine!


Interfaith front entrance before Very dull from the tremendous amount of traffic they receive each day


Stripped, Cleaned & Rinsed 1 coat sealer to protect from staining 3 coats high solids finish for the traffic


Break Room… Before


Break Room… After… WOW!
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