Why Trust Ziegler For Your Rug Cleaning And Repair Needs?


  • Knowledge
  • Experience
  • Immaculately Clean, Rug Cleaning Facility
  • Care & Custody Insured to Work on High Value Floor Coverings

We Get It:

  • Rugs can be expensive, from $1500 to $50,000 and higher, it’s hard to trust someone to take your rugs some where for cleaning and repair.

You Ask Yourself :

  • Are they going to ruin my rug? Answer – When using Ziegler – No
  • Will I ever see my rug again? Answer – When using Ziegler – Yes
  • Do they really know what they are doing? Answer – When using Ziegler – Yes


Ziegler has been a well respected name in rug cleaning throughout the greater Danbury and surrounding areas for over 73 years.
Founded by Gerald Ziegler in 1951, we have decades of experience in the proper cleaning of fine Orientals & Area rugs.

Still family owned and operated by Phillip Ziegler.
Phillip is 1 of only 68 “Certified Rug Specialists” in the United States.
This is not an easy credential to obtain it requires hundreds of hours of study and prerequisite courses.
The “National Institute of Rug Cleaning” has offered this type of training to it’s members for over 24 years… not many fully complete it’s required studies or pass the extensive testing. The “Certified Rug Specialist” designation is reserved for the most knowledgeable of rug cleaners.


What is a Certified Rug Specialists?

A CRS has the ability to identify oriental rugs. They can tell the rug’s country of origin and possibly even the town or village that it was made in. Certified Rug Specialists also know of any inherent problems with particular types of rugs while performing cleaning. This ability to identify a rug and any possible problems helps in the selection of what type of washing or cleaning must be done to preserve that rug.

One would have to travel a considerable distance to find a rug cleaner with comparable knowledge, skill and experience… See our Certification Page to verify.

There are many different types of rugs, each with inherent problems when cleaning or washing them. It is the vast wealth of knowledge in the minds of the Ziegler team that separates us from others.
We make certain to insure the proper care and custody of your family heirloom or throw rug while it is in our facility. Our facility is set up properly for the process of washing and drying of rugs. Our plant is secure with alarms and cameras to protect items in our Care and custody.


Rugs Are Ruined By Not Cleaning Them

We see this more often than we should. Rug owners destroy their rugs because they don’t trust anyone to clean them.
It’s amazing to us that rug owners would inflict this type of damage… but they do. Some rugs have been kicking around this world for more than 100 years only to perish in the hands of someone that doesn’t understand what it takes to make a rug last that long… periodic cleaning and dry soil removal being paramount to the longevity of a rug.



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The best way for you to have full confidence in Ziegler Preservation Cleaning is to bring a small test rug down to our facility. When you come thru our doors you will quickly realize this is the place rugs come to get well.