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Slate – A metamorphic stone that originally formed from clay, sedimentary rock shale and sometimes quartz. Slate occurs in a variety of colors and can be found in many shades of gray from pale to dark and may also be purple, green or cyan.


Flagstone – A sedimentary rock which is cut or split into layers for walkways and patios. Flagstone is a sandstone which makes the rock essentially quartz. It also refers to Pennsylvania Bluestone a stone from northeastern Pennsylvania and the southern tier of New York.

The two stones are similar to the untrained eye, much of the public call these two stones by the same name “Slate”. We know the difference, but for the ease of the reader we will refer to both stones as slate.

When used as flooring, it is both durable and adds texture to most any room. The unique features and colors of slate can be enhanced or changed using different sealants and finishes to control how a slate floor impacts a room.

Wilton CT before stripping shellac from slate


Wilton CT after stipping and finishing


When slate is first installed, it is important to pick the right finish or sealant. Even with the proper protection, slate, because of its unique texture, will gather soils and begin to loose its beauty.

Some finishes will begin to yellow, trapping the character and color of the slate under a discolored finish. Cleaning attempts using the wrong solutions can leave a white haze or film on the finish, further discoloring it.


Old slate floor with poly coating, white with improper cleaning attempts, before restoration
Notice the white haze from improper use of cleaning agents


Stripped and cleaned of the old poly with an application of a proper breathable new finish
Beautifully restored slate floor


In the 60’s it was customary to use polyurethane to coat slate. Polyurethane, over time, turns extremely yellow to the point where you are displaying a polyurethane floor… instead of the beautiful slate floor underneath.

Polyurethane is “non vapor permeable” – meaning if water gets under the finish, it is trapped. The trapped water, in time breaks down the slate turning it to powder or the cleft layers of the slate start to separate or flake off.

Ziegler’s outstanding results on slate floors are due to our knowledge and the method of hot water rinsing we employ.
Our superior rinsing capabilities allow us to use less aggressive chemicals.

Our truck mounted steam cleaning units are designed to rinse and vacuum carpet and upholstery; they are utilized to do the same on stone, tile and grout.

A specialized hard surface tool that has revolutionized the cleaning of stone, tile and grout is connected to our pressure and vacuum lines.

We then adjust the water pressure higher; depending on the surface we are cleaning, effectively Power Washing the hard surface with 240 Degree Water!

The edge of the tool is all suction, which holds the tool firmly to the floor, therefore isolating all of the cleaning and rinsing actions under the tool.
The powerful vacuum removes the Dirty Water…Out to Our Truck within seconds.

We do not dump waste water
on your property or down the street!

It’s illegal to do so, we bring our trucks back to our plant for proper disposal. It’s the right thing to do for all of us.

Slate Floor Cleaners
Slate Floor Restoration CT
Redding CT Slate stripping of Mop & Glow
Redding CT after stripping Mop & Glow off slate

It’s NOT as Messy as you may think.
From start to finish our operation is…

More organized
Less time consuming
Far more efficient than older methods.

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When You Contact Us

A Free inspection of your slate is scheduled. We come out to inspect, discuss and talk about expectations and any issues or concerns you’re having with the floor, such as broken grout or tiles.

We discuss what type of look You would like – Matt, Satin, Gloss or no finish at all ~ just sealed to protect against staining.

If you can’t decide on what you want, we will do a test area or make samples of the finishes on any loose tiles that you may possibly have.

The mock-up tiles are done at no extra charge, it’s part of the service as far as we are concerned. The end result is a slate floor that you love and admire for years to come.

In most cases, average sized floors are stripped and cleaned in 3 to 6 hours.

The floor is left to dry overnight. The following morning we will apply the finish or sealant of your choice, which takes approximately half the time of the cleaning.


You may walk on the floor right after cleaning, with clean house shoes, however after any finish you should remain off of the floor for at least 3 to 4 hours after completion.

So there you have it!
From Nasty to Classy in 2 Days

The slide show below is a Bluestone slate floor restoration.The owners were restoring an old farmhouse in Greenwich, CT. The floor is close to 50 years old… and it looked it. The years of wax have all but covered the floor up. Ziegler’s transformed this Bluestone floor into an incredible show piece… as you can see!

The example photos show a floor with a water based finish approximately 5 years old. The amount of soil adhering to the uneven surface is evident. The finish itself has discolored and is need of replacement.



The use of an appropriate stripping agent is applied to the floor. Because of the hot water rinse, the stripping agent is milder and less of it is needed.



Agitation is applied to the floor to loosen soils and old finish.



The rinse head, using large amounts of water, flushes the slate while simultaneously vacuuming the dirt and old finish out to our truck.


The surface of the stone and the grout is immaculately clean and free of any residue. It is now ready for the finish of your choice.

The following before and after shots give you a small glimpse of what can be accomplished when you CONTACT Ziegler Preservation Cleaning Specialists to restore your slate floor back from dirt’s grip.

Stripping Slate with Polyurathane finish Wallingford CT
Waliingford slate floor after Polyurethane stripping

What about cost?

With our process even the worst floors cost less than a 1/3 of the replacement cost!

Use the Contact Us page or you can call our office direct and talk to us in person about any questions you may have.

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