Custom Edge Finishing In Our Fully Equipped Carpet Workroom




Custom Edge Finishing In Our Fully Equipped Carpet Workroom

  • Binding in Nylon, Cotton & 3″ Cotton Sisal Binding
  • Serging in Cotton & Wool
  • Rug Fringes many Styles & Colors
  • Cutting to Size or Diagram
  • Sewing, Mending & Securing
  • Karastan Repair Specialist
  • Rug Backing Replacement
  • Plant Damage Securing

Edge Finishing – Open to the public

Do you have left over pieces from a recent carpet installation? We can square and edge them beautifully.
Fringe falling off your rugs? We can fix or replace!
Binding falling apart on an existing rug of yours? We can fix that!
Moving? Maybe your rug doesn’t quite fit the new room you intend it to lay in. We can cut and re-edge to the right size.

The edges of most floor coverings, when used as area rugs, are unsecured and will unravel if not properly edged. Most store brought rugs are already edged in some fashion to keep them secure. Ziegler’s carpet workroom has bound and serged rugs of all types and shapes for over 68 years.
Most of the local carpet stores bring there area rug orders to Ziegler’s for final edge finishing before delivery to their clients.

Our workroom is open to the public. We can take your leftover scraps and resize them to fit your needs… and put a beautiful edging on to match the color scheme in your decor. If you buy a carpet at one of the large box stores you can bring it in to get cutting to the size you need and edged in the color you want… it’s that simple.


Below are Examples of the Many Way’s
Your Rugs can be Preserved and Look Good for a Life Time

Before Fringe repair in Danbury CTAfter Fringe Repair in Danbury CT
Rug from India Before washing and Fringe Repair Danbury CTRug from India after washing and fringe repair Danbury CT

The Wool Hook Rug Below Was in Need of a New Cloth & Latex Backing

Backing Replacement on Rug in CT
New Backing on Rug CT
Backing Repair CT
ReBacking repair CT

Karastan Surgery To the Right
The rug to the right is a 50 year old Karastan rug that has severe damage to the edges and ends. The client requested that the rug be reduced to the inner minor boarder. After washing, cutting, serging edges and re-fringing the ends… the rug has new life.

Karastan Repair and Cleaning CTKarastan carpet repair CT