Oriental Carpet and Area Rug Shearing, Shaving & Fade Removal

There are a good number of reasons why you would want to give your area rug or oriental a little hair cut.

Perhaps the rug is:

  • Too close to a window and is showing signs of fading.
  • Subject to cats and dogs scratching and fuzzing areas.
  • Wear and tear is starting to knock the design out of focus.


As you can see below, the clarity of the design is greatly improved with just a smidgen sheared off the top. This Hamadan rug only required a 1/6 of an inch shear to remove the sun fading and tip bloom. Tip bloom is when the yarn begins to unravel on the surface from wear and tear knocking the design elements out of focus





This Indian Oriental rug shows fuzzing and distortion in the left hand picture. The right side shows the same area after shearing. The design is clear and crisp after shearing