Boat And Patio Cushion Cleaning With Winter Storage

Anti Mold Applications Available


Storing your Beautiful Patio or Boating Cushions Under a Pile of Snow isn’t the way to go.

Tossing them in the shed or basement isn’t much better… unless you like the local spiders and mice to stay warm over the winter.

There is a better way to do it.



It’s Easy to See the Value in This Service

  • In the Fall schedule a pick-up of your outdoor furniture cushions.
  • For Boats schedule a pick-up of the loose outdoor cushions… and a professional cleaning of the interior textiles before closing it up for the winter.
  • Or… You can always bring them down to our plant.
  • In The Spring… Fresh, Clean, Bagged cushions ready for another season in the sun.

Anti Mold Application
There is such a thing and it works!

Even with our best efforts, there are certain types of mold stains that cannot be removed. This can be avoided with an application of our Anti Mold Treatment.

The treatment will

  • Reduce or eliminate the setup of mold or mildew on your cushions
  • Better appearance for an extended period of time
  • Protects your investment.

Boat & Patio Cushion Cleaning
Much Less Than Replacement

Doing it yourself sometimes works… But if you don’t rinse the detergent or bleach out properly you could give yourself a skin rash!